TCL Research Europe is a research center dedicated to advancing the field of Artificial Intelligence (AI). We research new AI technologies and apply the results of our research to global products of TCL Group such as TVs, smartphones and home appliances.

TCL Research Europe is based in Warsaw, Poland.


Computer Vision
Every day millions of people watch movies on TCL TVs and take pictures on smartphones produced by TCL. We research how vision-based AI algorithms can be used to deliver the best image quality and most innovative functionalities to our devices.
Natural Language Processing
Voice and text are the most natural forms of interaction between humans. We want our devices to be more human. That’s why in our research we focus on processing, understanding, and generating human languages.
On-Device AI
Increased computing power on devices make it possible to run AI algorithms directly on these devices, rather than in the cloud. We research on how to optimize AI algorithms to run efficiently on smartphones, TVs or home appliances.
Big Data Analytics
TCL devices are used by millions of people all over the world and generate huge amounts of data. Possibilities to use this data are endless: from personalized content recommendation to manufacturing process improvements.